Malaysia’s 52nd Merdeka!

It’s finally time, the sacred date, 31st August 2009; Malaysia’s 52nd Merdeka. To think that civilization had lived on for 2009 years and Malaysia had only been acknowledge as an independent country for 52 years baffles me. It’s just to show, even if the year we live in are big numbers, all of us are still living on a young and still developing country. To see it thrive this way in only a 52 years time frame is short of magical. Well, Malaysia may have been known longer before as Tanah Melayu but in those time we’re not recognizable as a country but are recognizable as a rich resource center. That’s why we have been dictated and conquered more than once; it’s all in the resource and money. After hundred of years of being conquered, the leaders of Tanah Melayu finally found a way, make a right decision and the Malaysia that we live today is that; a right decision made for a righteous cause. But after 52 years, the whole world are beginning to see the frailty that is Malaysia. If you are a Malaysian you will see this frailty quite as clear as day but if you aren’t then it’s up to you to know about it or just leave it in the dark because like the saying goes; ignorance is bliss. To those that knew about these frailty then let’s do our part in preventing them from getting a hold on our Malaysia today. I’m not going to elaborate on it because this is not what my blog are intended for; if you want to talk politics then talk with those in the know as for me, I’m just a observer that has no power to do anything but I have the power to choose my path to influence the growth of Malaysia. Remember, our country is still young, much like a young human; decisions when they are young will shape what they will become in their adult so choose the right choices for the sake of our beautiful Malaysia.

And always remember

Final Fusion! Ma!-Lay!-Si!-A! Malaysia!!! (queue Yushaa-Oh Tanjou)

Final Fusion! Ma!-Lay!-Si!-A! Malaysia!!! (queue Yushaa-Oh Tanjou)


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