Destroying stuffs during the 3283200 seconds hiatus with 358/2 days on hands!

That’s right, I’m back from a 1 month 7 days laziness to start writing again. Really, that 1 month 7 days makes me feel lazy as hell that I didn’t even study for my exams which is last week M and T and been at home since last T. Just yesterday I got the strength to lift up my 17+ kg bastard and started cleaning it and I bet it loses some 1.5kg of dust while during my lazy period through RAYA, I gained like 30+ kg in fat alone! Try and guess my weight, get it right I’ll buy you lunch. Back to topic, getting back into my non-lazy mentality, I started kicking, dribbling a football inside the house to lose some weight. Bet my mom want me to go lazy again after I crush 1 or 2 of her vase, lamp, etc etc. Till then, I’ll just avoid crashing; got to learn my traffic rules for those license test which I digress, truly useless but give the gov more money to their coffers but law is law.

So now I’m on a mission to get back in shape but considering my current shape, it’s not going to be much of a desirable shape but at least I can fit into my older wears again. That would help considering I’m sick of shopping for shirts and stuff. I don’t, maybe it’s just me but I’m not going to buy more if there’s enough to wear; why buy more? Other people other opinion I guess but that’s solely the reason that those companies swims in cash while people swims in water with their 400 dollars bikini… My, now that’s great business model. Use as little material as you can and while charging as expensive as believable it can be. Shove the pros of the bikini to unsuspected customer, i.e. famous designer, high quality material and throw the cons out of the window and you get, gullible rich people buying highway robbery priced stuffs. Most companies exploit the poor but them exploit the rich now that’s classic. Go them! Now that my rant is finish lets head to the more pressing part… The part where stuffs are destroyed!

GRAHHHHHHHH! SMASH! SMASH! KEYBOARD SMA… Oh, not my lovely keyboard… ARGHHH! (“Dramatization” of the event on the fated destruction). I was really angry at that time. Nothing was going my way. First time through, I can’t get past it. It’s like everything is out to get me. I cannot past even with shields, rapid fired guns, charged shot; I always get thumped by those bullets! I hate BULLETS! The bullets freaking thumps me! Even on easy. The Mega/Rock games on hard+steroid is easier than this but this is utter craziness! No way, I almost lose my cool. My keyboard will not last. Snapping is on the verge. There’s no stopping it but then… a savior came. He gave me a helping hand, I was happy but we still get thumped! He shares my snappiness but going through it with a buddy just ease the pain a little. One of the hardest game I’ve played; harder than SRW ridiculous amount of enemies, seriously, this game have 10 times more enemies and 1000 times more thing that can kill you. I got to the final boss just once and then no credit. Ohohoho, credits… if it’s the arcade I’ll have unlimited amount of them… DAMN THEM!

The game in question is

Hardest game ever played, no kidding from me. Only 1 other game is harder.

Hardest game ever played, no kidding from me. Only 1 other game is harder.

That’s right. The original port of the arcade on the Dreamcast which I finally get a working emulator after years of head-butting my keyboard for not getting it to work years before. Ever since I saw a review of it on X-Play years ago for the GameCube remade, I have been trying to get a hold of the game. After finally getting it to work, I played it and died. Great way to start your game. After a while the mechanics and logic of the game have finally melded into my gamer soul and its finally showtime. Got through till the third stage, death. I was surprised by the way the boss behave, again, restart. This time with more life, I got to thump the boss but totally blew it on the fourth boss. Restart; see the pattern here. After countless time dying at the fourth boss finally the pattern emerge and I get to kill it. With just 0 credit and 4 life I was finally on the final stage which I died 3 time before even seeing the boss, great, big game wimpyness… congratulations. When the final battle starts, the sudden barrage of bullet caught me off guard but I managed to keep my cool, finding a pattern straight away but the strain on my finger gets unbearable and mistakes I made killed the remaining 2 life. The End and I stopped, go to youtube, search for Ikaruga vid and found one that made me honestly jealous. Here it is

Enough about Ikaruga, it’s a short game anyway. Let’s talk Disney. What got to do with Disney… Pirates, kiddie shows, slu… “Princesses”, annoying dub, Donald Duck, McD’s clown, seizures, mentally unstable teens etc etc. But one thing for sure, they made the boldest of move when they decide to do a joint-production on far less, a game. You know what game it is and what company they joint with. Here’s a picture to jog your memories

Disney: Prostut... "Modelling" their "Princesses"

Disney: Prostut... 'Modelling' their 'Princesses'

Of course that ain’t, it’s this

KH... the game with 3D Disney "princesses". Oh the fantasies...

KH... the game with 3D Disney 'Princesses'. Oh the fantasies...

The unlikely couple spawns children that become a hit in the gaming world. No one expected, many pessimist, optimist and some just shove them to the side but fact is, it went super stardom in a blink of an eye. The newest game in the series pits players with Roxas, “the blonde haired surprise misleading tutorial protagonist turned Organization XIII antagonist which turned out to actually be a paralleled version of Sora residing on Earth 2” (my first impression of Roxas) from Kingdom Hearts 2 gets his calling when this time, he is the main character. Quote from famous Square-E (I miss SquareSoft) characters; Squall, “My problem is mine alone!”; Tidus, “This is my story!”; Sora, “Let’s work together!”; pretty much safely sum this game (wait, that’s all characters from before SE so the are still SquareSoft, woopie!). Well, I haven’t actually played it yet so if it’s wrong don’t blame me. With that conclude 358/2, pretty short since I have nothing to write about since I’ve not played it yet so let’s end this blog post with a very special video; the video that inspired me back into playing Ikaruga, the video that burns my soul, the video that showed a game that I can never play. Enjoy and peace all.


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