Trigger Happy Mother

Yup, that is the game name and yes, I'm just in on the craze.

Yup, that is the game name and yes, I'm just in on the craze.

That picture should explain the mother part in the post’s title. It’s plenty weird when I heard about it the first time and never got around noticing it. Fact, I went to the fan translation site around when they started it and never did I thought of playing it mostly because of the game’s name. Then, months after, I got a glimpsed of the game Earthbound; the game got a nice ring to it and looked really cool. The monster looked crazy cool and the battle system looks just awesome. The graphic on the other hand send chill on my spine; just utterly beautiful yet unique unlike other game but that is before my classic game craze so never got around to it. After many years, again, I was confronted with Earthbound after some random youtube video search on my lazy days just blown my mind. One of the worse final boss I’ve ever seen but all in the good way. Just looking at the shape and texture of the thing just blew me apart, sending chills down my spine and more; it really is something best not described or rather,¬†indescribable. Reading the comment posted just reinforced of what I just saw… I won’t really describe it here but by just searching on youtube will get you accustomed to it. After going through more of the comments, I finally got into the knowledge that Earthbound is really Mother 2; oh… now I know. Right after that my interest on the Mother games just sparked. I went back to the Mother 3 fan translation page, download the patch, game and just played it. It really is as good as I’ve seen; enjoying the game, story and characters in the game. Right after I’m finishing this, I’ll continue on and play Earthbound. Yeah, I think Earthbound/Mother 2 is more epic than Mother 3 but Mother 3 is more of a sentimental run much like Persona 3 and 4; P3 is awesomely epic but P4 just touches the heart more.

Next up is a rant about Square and Enix that I need to get off my chest plus a game that had taken me about 5 years (or something along that line) to beat and one of the better RPG that I’ve played.

Ah, the SquareSoft days… how many games can I name that I like that have the name SquareSoft on it; well, it certainly more than the S-Enix days (see that I’m not associating them). Don’t take what I wrote the wrong way; I like Enix especially because of Star Ocean and Dragon Quest but those are before, again, the S-E days. When they started merging I thought, what could the give in the future. At first it was promising, DQ8 got me excited then FF12 with the gambit system is just awesome (the story could find some polish), SO3 is decent other than that, not much else. Going through the next gen list, SO4 is all graphic, nil content; massive remakes for the early games is fine but when all they do is rerelease older games without much new IP/game then it become a problem; FF13 looks like it’s going to become a disappointment, I mean just look at the gameplay trailer, it’s horrible. Where did the strategic RPG element go? Looking at it, it’s going to be a button mashing fest. Man, where did it go wrong; when I look back at the older FF games, I wondered, what happened? I’ll keep my hopes up till it released; hoping that the story wouldn’t suffer the same fate as FF12. Let’s end it at that note, now we’ll talk about that game that took me 5 years to complete.

If you thought the dude look so much like Goku; it's because Akira Toriyama himself made the game illustration.

If you thought the dude look so much like Goku; it's because Akira Toriyama himself made the game illustration.

And that game is Chrono Trigger. First played after buying the remade Playstation version of it along with FF4 in a package. By that time, I only played for the story and never did search for the uber equips but when I finally reached the final boss, I got hammered, literally. First round and my party are wiped after a single attack by the boss; I was devastated as in WTH, the boss got many form much like the final boss in P3 but the earlier forms are easy, 30-100 HP per hit; damaging but not mortal damage until its final form showed up, confident as I may be with the lacking prowess of the final boss but alas, it’s just a facade to deceive thy mind and they succeed. After that, I try again, looking more ready and expecting what coming at me but the same thing happen; my equip just aren’t cut out for the fight. I may get through with some level grinding but at that time, I’m not motivated to finish the darn thing; much like all of my game, I don’t know why but I easily lost interest when the game is nearing completion. Then they made a remake of the game on the NDS but I ain’t interested then. Just last week, after another disappointment of KH:358/2 after spending 10 hours in it, I thought I should play Chrono Trigger to relieve one of the best RPG from Square’s golden age but this time, I’m doing it with a guide since I’ve played it before and know the story so no spoiler there and I finally killed the damned Lavos but not before the thing killed me at his true final form. Man, simple yet complex RPG of yonder years just kick ass games nowadays. If I have the Epoch; I would fly then and play those game in their original format just for the nostalgia.

Well, that’s it for this post, next time is another RPG that again I’ve waited more than 10 years to play which I finally did. I’ll put on a picture for a preview of what to come. Till then, cheers.

Nope, not super saiya, just fiery hair. Same thing IMO.

Nope, not super saiya, just fiery hair. Same thing IMO.


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