About me?

Name   : Muhammad Nazmi Fahmi bin Mohd Yusof
D.O.B. : December 12th 1990
Gender : Male

Currently studying at MMU Cyberjaya. Diploma IT, third and (maybe) final year. Feels aggrieved that I (we; including my friend in DIT) *have* to transfer to MMU Malacca just to finish my (our) diploma course. I mean WTF, I (we) know that the diploma HQ is at Malacca but I (we) are already promised education here in Cyber. So now we have to bust our butts applying/appealing/invoking our rights just to have subjects to learn in Cyber. Anyway, I (we) hope that I (we) can finish my (our) course before I (we) have to go to Malacca. Enough about that, let’s write more about what matters; ME!!

Likes loafing around, hates walking around aimlessly but walking around with aim doesn’t bother me. It does bother me however when I achieved what I wanted in that walk that I have to walk more aimlessly. I’m really not much of an outgoing person. Getting cooped inside the hostel room doesn’t bother me while that same thing can either turn my room-mate crazy or he just died (not literally). Maybe it’s because of my childhood… getting my first taste of game (as in nes/snes) when I was 4-5 years old really taken a toll on my mentality which you could have guessed; a gamer’s mentality. Hate to lose, not easily give up, tenacious, stuff like that.

I don’t really have much direction in my lifestyle. I have a one-track mind when I’m into something but completely lose any interest in that thing if 1) My interest just went off when I consider my avenue, 2) That interest is purely not there in the beginning, 3) That thing just completely blows off me that I lost any interest I have on that, 4) My interest span just aren’t there but usually it should last a week or 2. Well, maybe I can tell everyone of my biggest disappoinment (apart from the MMU bitching) is xbox360… yeah… lets put more emphasis *XBOX360*. Reasons, fairly easy, when I don’t have it the hype just blew me and when I finally got it; it really showed then that there is only a handful of games that I wanted on that thing so yeah, when I was on a decision to play Tales of Vesperia for the third successive time (almost 200 hours of gameplay), I digress; I went back to my much love PS2…

I think this is long enough, I think. I must have bored everyone out of their mind right now and it will really be surprising if any get to this paragraph. If you didn’t then I should work more on making it intentionally more boring; if it does bored you, thank god :D Just to close this, from the wall of text above, there’s some point that would really like point in details which I should do in my blog entries (which qualifies this as null). Anyway, safe day everyone and do leave a comment if you think I’m worthy enough to know if anyone read this.


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