Anthem of our dying PS2 and the Birth of a Giant Killer

The video above is dedicated to my and quite possibly our beloved PlayStation 2.

Reminisce smucks. I’m not going to do that ’cause my PS2 ain’t dead yet rather still alive and kicking and being played even now. Yes, even with a freaking XBOX360 in front of my face, I still play the PS2. It’s that good or maybe that xbox just doesn’t appeal to me then. Yet, now I’m really excited to play it with games such as BlazBlue, Brutal Legend, Resonance of Fate and Final ‘freaking’ Fantasy ‘when will they stop remaking and milking the franchise’ 13. BlazBlue and Brutal Legend are out ages ago; just finally got around buying it and no surprise about FF13 being a FFFreak myself but Resonance of Fate totally came out of nowhere.

Resonance of Fate cover

I really thought this game would fail under the conundrum of FF13 but it really held its own. And I like the girl.

First saw it on a “X-Button” column on ANN and thought then; the game looks bad but when Tri-Ace is given as much freedom as they can get out of desperate Sega, they really pushed their creative limits with this game. And the thought that Sega release a good game out of the mess that is Sonic (old school sonic still kicked ass and Yakuza too) is really perplexing. Maybe they just saw this opportunity seeing as Tri-Ace is being shackled under Square-E making remakes of Star Ocean and a really less than imaginative Star Ocean 4 and a number of other uninspiring games; they knew just where to push Tri-Ace’s button to get them to make this game and Tri-Ace again showed that given freedom, they can make a great game (note Radiata Stories). People might brush it off but for me it’s a definite gem of a game.

Check the review of it here by GameTrailers and see for yourselves.

While you’re at it, watch the FF13 review, also by GameTrailers which I would like to put here but I can’t cause there’s no vid of it on youtube and I can’t get GT’s video embedding to work, so here’s the link instead.

Now I’m going to talk about my impressions about Resonance of Fate and FF13 based on what I can gather from the gameplay videos that I’ve seen and the story aspect of the game will not be touched as I haven’t played the game, I can’t talk about the story. Suffice to say that I’ll take what the review said regarding the story. This part will mostly be a rant so be prepared for some bashing. Either way, click the link below to continue reading and… Flame Shield ON (it’s unlikely anyone going to read it anyway but just to be sure).

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Trigger Happy Mother

Yup, that is the game name and yes, I'm just in on the craze.

Yup, that is the game name and yes, I'm just in on the craze.

That picture should explain the mother part in the post’s title. It’s plenty weird when I heard about it the first time and never got around noticing it. Fact, I went to the fan translation site around when they started it and never did I thought of playing it mostly because of the game’s name. Then, months after, I got a glimpsed of the game Earthbound; the game got a nice ring to it and looked really cool. The monster looked crazy cool and the battle system looks just awesome. The graphic on the other hand send chill on my spine; just utterly beautiful yet unique unlike other game but that is before my classic game craze so never got around to it. After many years, again, I was confronted with Earthbound after some random youtube video search on my lazy days just blown my mind. One of the worse final boss I’ve ever seen but all in the good way. Just looking at the shape and texture of the thing just blew me apart, sending chills down my spine and more; it really is something best not described or rather,┬áindescribable. Reading the comment posted just reinforced of what I just saw… I won’t really describe it here but by just searching on youtube will get you accustomed to it. After going through more of the comments, I finally got into the knowledge that Earthbound is really Mother 2; oh… now I know. Right after that my interest on the Mother games just sparked. I went back to the Mother 3 fan translation page, download the patch, game and just played it. It really is as good as I’ve seen; enjoying the game, story and characters in the game. Right after I’m finishing this, I’ll continue on and play Earthbound. Yeah, I think Earthbound/Mother 2 is more epic than Mother 3 but Mother 3 is more of a sentimental run much like Persona 3 and 4; P3 is awesomely epic but P4 just touches the heart more.

Next up is a rant about Square and Enix that I need to get off my chest plus a game that had taken me about 5 years (or something along that line) to beat and one of the better RPG that I’ve played.

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Destroying stuffs during the 3283200 seconds hiatus with 358/2 days on hands!

That’s right, I’m back from a 1 month 7 days laziness to start writing again. Really, that 1 month 7 days makes me feel lazy as hell that I didn’t even study for my exams which is last week M and T and been at home since last T. Just yesterday I got the strength to lift up my 17+ kg bastard and started cleaning it and I bet it loses some 1.5kg of dust while during my lazy period through RAYA, I gained like 30+ kg in fat alone! Try and guess my weight, get it right I’ll buy you lunch. Back to topic, getting back into my non-lazy mentality, I started kicking, dribbling a football inside the house to lose some weight. Bet my mom want me to go lazy again after I crush 1 or 2 of her vase, lamp, etc etc. Till then, I’ll just avoid crashing; got to learn my traffic rules for those license test which I digress, truly useless but give the gov more money to their coffers but law is law.

So now I’m on a mission to get back in shape but considering my current shape, it’s not going to be much of a desirable shape but at least I can fit into my older wears again. That would help considering I’m sick of shopping for shirts and stuff. I don’t, maybe it’s just me but I’m not going to buy more if there’s enough to wear; why buy more? Other people other opinion I guess but that’s solely the reason that those companies swims in cash while people swims in water with their 400 dollars bikini… My, now that’s great business model. Use as little material as you can and while charging as expensive as believable it can be. Shove the pros of the bikini to unsuspected customer, i.e. famous designer, high quality material and throw the cons out of the window and you get, gullible rich people buying highway robbery priced stuffs. Most companies exploit the poor but them exploit the rich now that’s classic. Go them! Now that my rant is finish lets head to the more pressing part… The part where stuffs are destroyed!

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Malaysia’s 52nd Merdeka!

It’s finally time, the sacred date, 31st August 2009; Malaysia’s 52nd Merdeka. To think that civilization had lived on for 2009 years and Malaysia had only been acknowledge as an independent country for 52 years baffles me. It’s just to show, even if the year we live in are big numbers, all of us are still living on a young and still developing country. To see it thrive this way in only a 52 years time frame is short of magical. Well, Malaysia may have been known longer before as Tanah Melayu but in those time we’re not recognizable as a country but are recognizable as a rich resource center. That’s why we have been dictated and conquered more than once; it’s all in the resource and money. After hundred of years of being conquered, the leaders of Tanah Melayu finally found a way, make a right decision and the Malaysia that we live today is that; a right decision made for a righteous cause. But after 52 years, the whole world are beginning to see the frailty that is Malaysia. If you are a Malaysian you will see this frailty quite as clear as day but if you aren’t then it’s up to you to know about it or just leave it in the dark because like the saying goes; ignorance is bliss. To those that knew about these frailty then let’s do our part in preventing them from getting a hold on our Malaysia today. I’m not going to elaborate on it because this is not what my blog are intended for; if you want to talk politics then talk with those in the know as for me, I’m just a observer that has no power to do anything but I have the power to choose my path to influence the growth of Malaysia. Remember, our country is still young, much like a young human; decisions when they are young will shape what they will become in their adult so choose the right choices for the sake of our beautiful Malaysia.

And always remember

Final Fusion! Ma!-Lay!-Si!-A! Malaysia!!! (queue Yushaa-Oh Tanjou)

Final Fusion! Ma!-Lay!-Si!-A! Malaysia!!! (queue Yushaa-Oh Tanjou)

End of the Mega Games

Finally, after breaking my hands and fingers while pushing the limit of my hand-eye coordination; I have beaten Mega Man 1-7, Rock Man 1-7 and Mega Man X1-X3. Wow, that’s a lot of Mega games being covered in 3 weeks time; the game is short to begin with but it’s just delightfully fun. The X series is much more challenging, innovative and inspiring; rather than focusing on random death traps like those in the original Mega game, it instead focuses on cleverly put death traps and precise wall jumping (precise disappearing block jumping in the original) to make out of tough spot and not die. And it sure as hell is less of an annoyance compared to the Guts Man and Ice Man stage in Mega 1… I still have nightmares jumping the platform in the Ice Man stage. All in all, it’s great but much like the original series, it’s start getting stale after the second game but (warning: excessively long sarcastic comment) if everyone can enjoy and love the wonderfully mindless violent game that takes people from China’s ancient history and give them super power while churning games with the same exact thing in each game just so to extract more money from their consumer (sarcasm end) then why can’t there be love for Mega Man?
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Another Mega post!

Some days ago, as I was playing Mega 6 a friend of mine known as “ultima” untimely ym-ed me and almost killing Mega in the process. That was close and I might have been pissed if I actually died but I didn’t so it’s cool. He gave me a link to a youtube video and I was split to watch it or just ignore it and continue playing Mega 6… I decided to watch the video and hold off playing for a while. I waited and then I see Mega 2 on the screen then I heard a familiar tune and then it started singing. I hear it, looked at some info on the info box and what do you know; it’s a song based of the bgm from Dr. Wily Castle in Mega 2; aptly named “Okkusenman!” based of the bgm name and it blew my mind. I loved it. I shared it with my roommates and they love it too. One of me roomie even loop the song infinitely always, each and every passing seconds and I too loop the same song so it’s really overkill. Never have we ever play the same thing at the same time ever so that really tell the whole story.

This is the original song with English subs and a flash animation based of the song.

The meaning behind the song really taken me aback and makes me remember my childhood especially the Ultraman part and the part where you play cartridge NES games. Ah, the time of simple TV and gaming enjoyment…
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