Unnamed Novel

Just to start off, I’ll write an introductory here.

The novel is a story of Rick (my brain cell in making names are void), he’s a detective. A lot of paranormal activities are happening in Raishine City (again, my void naming cells in action) in which it drive the town and the police force crazy. Our boy, Rick, here was transfered to that city with his wife some 8 months before the time-line in this novel. Detective work will be involved and some in-court things happened which I’m clearly regretting as I’m going into chapter4 because the draft that I made for that scene, I had lost it and well, I had to write it from scratch (again, after I completely destroyed the first 2 chapters draft). So that pretty much sum up the first 4 chapters (which chapter 4 is still being written). After all that things, come chapter 5++ we will get into the more interesting things (for me at least), the start of the space-time continum part in which I will delve deeper on the mystery of time-travelling, space distortion and whatnot plus my though on that whole matter conveyed into this novel. This will be interesting because I have always thought of those space-time continuum whatnot when I’m either bored or when my brain cell got supercharged. That’s the end of the introductory, I hope you will like this novel.

Unnamed Novel Chapters:
0 – Prologue
1 – Chapter 1
2 – Chapter 2


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