Chapter 1

28th August

Mhnnnmh… what time is it… 6.30… time to get up for work. Shower, shower, where’s the towel? Oh, there it is, aha. I’m feeling good today, huh? Outside, there’s movement next door… the police? Nah, they were pulled back last month… then it’s our new neighbor! No way! It really happened! My wife will be bewildered with this… I wonder if she already knows this. She is cleaning up around the house right now. Well if she like excitedly telling me later, I’ll just go surprised for her sake, ahaha~~

The water’s cold… brrr, need clothes now… Ah, much better. My badge, pistol, wallet, police ID… all checked. Time for breakfast, what is she cooking today, it smell delicious. Hmmhmhmhm~~

“Oh, just in time. I thought you would never wake up, hahaha.”

“Well, someone in a good mood today. I wonder what happened.”

“Oh my, the ace rookie detective doesn’t know about this, your skill must be getting rusty. I guess I better take up your job before you’re fired. Hahaha…”

“Really now… what happened?”

“Haha, well, you know the house next door, there are people moving in! It’s our new neighbor! I’m really excited about this. I wonder who they are. They look like good people, they even have a son. I can’t wait to meet them.”

“Well, why don’t you help them unpack? You can also show them around town you know. Well, I’ll be going to work now. I’ll be back before dinner.”

I gave my wife a kiss and drove to the precinct… unbeknownst to me that my promise to her will not be realized…

8.00 a.m., Raishine City Criminal Affairs

I finally arrived at my work place. I wonder if the police found any evident regarding the cases at hand. If we can’t even solve one of these cases then it will really be bad for us, to say the least. The worst case scenario, the city will be forced to lockdown in order to keep the criminal from getting out. When that happens I’ll be sure to send her back home to her mom, no way I’m letting her stay here. For now, I’ll have to work extra hard to prevent that. Hmm? The detective is not in… Is he out in the field? And there seem to be very little officer in the precinct today. I better ask somebody.

“Excuse me, officer. Is the detective not in right now? Is he out to attend a case?”

“Well sir, he is currently attending to a crime scene. It’s… well, another mysterious disappearance, sir. Oh, he also asked that, all officers that came in after he had gone out to remain in the Criminal Affairs office until further notice.”

“Thank you, officer. Keep up the good work.”

Now this is real bad news. At this rate, it really is going to a lockdown looming in the horizon. The case has really taken a turn for the worse these past few months. The first incident happened 5 years ago. In that case, the police find no evidence nor find any suspect to tie in with the suspect. The victim just suddenly disappears without leaving any clues. The police labeled that case solved with the pretense that the victim “ran away from home” and the claim is strengthen by the fact that the victim is a teenager with issues in their family. Now if that is not vague then I don’t know what is.

Phone vibrates, ringtone humming… click…


“Yo Rick! You there at the C.A. now?”

“Oh, detective Sears! Yes, I’m at the precinct! What is the situation over there?”

“Well Rick, the situation here couldn’t be any good! We found evidences tying these cases together and it incriminatingly points to a single suspect! We already cop the suspect and are currently heading back. Can you prepare an interrogation room for our dear suspect here? Thank you in advance.”

Now what do you know, the suspect has been taken in. With decisive evidences to boot. Now he cannot get away from us anymore. Haha, this feels really… good? This should feel good right? But, I don’t feel that way… what’s wrong with me? We finally caught the person behind all this… why am I not…

9.30 a.m., Raishine City Criminal Affairs

The suspect of all of these cases is finally coming here… but it does strike me as odd that he is the real person behind all these cases. If he really did this then how can he keep a clean slate for 8 months with his foolproof M.O. but then just decided to make a mistake today? All of this just stinks of bad stuff; I hope no one is pulling strings to create a suspect. Well, I’ll find out when he arrives. And he arrives just in time… now let’s see who this suspect is…

So that’s him huh… He doesn’t look very good. With a terrified look on his face and that stoned stare of his… he looked like a man void of any soul.

“… Ri-…”

Huh? Did he say something just now? I swear I could have heard him calling my n-

“So Rick, how does it feel to finally catch a suspect?”

“Huh? Ah, yeah, it feels really good, sort of… hahaha.”

“What? You don’t sound very happy to me. Oh, you must feel frustrated because you didn’t get the chance to join in the operation to catch the kidnapper, heh, I’m right, right?”

“Ah, yeah-yeah. That’s right. That must be it. It must have been because I didn’t get to join the operation, hahaha.”

“Well, what past is past. Now we will look to the present because we have to convict him for the entire bad thing he has done to the people of this city. With all of our decisive evidences at our hands, he will not get away from justice.”

Justice? Is this justice? Convicting a man that may not be the real perpetrator with evidences that is possibly forged… wait, what am I thinking? There’s no way the police will want to forge evidences just to shut this case for good. No, this is not real… it’s just my mind that is confused on the matter. He may really be the perpetrator… or he can also be just an innocent man. Wait, if the case before can’t even identify a suspect, how is this man suddenly identified as a suspect? No, no way, this is wrong, this really can’t be true!!!!

“—ck!! Rick!! You there!? Snap out of it!! Go get the evidences ready, we are going to convict him right now in court!”

“What!? The suspect just got in; he doesn’t even have time to find an attorney for his hearing! At least give him till tomorrow to get his case rea–”

“What!? He doesn’t even have any chance in court! There are multiple evidences that point directly at him. To emphasis, multiple “decisive” evidences. If we don’t get him convicted now and let him get away with his crime then we really are not doing our job as protector of justice!”

“Justice!? Is this your way of justice? Convicting a man without giving him a chance to say anything? That is justice? Give me a break! Real justice is only obtained when everyone know the real truth about what happened! And to emphasis, I don’t buy your claim about those so called “decisive” evidences!”

“You insolent! If you really think that way then prove me wrong! Be that guy defense at—”

“That’s my idea all along! If you’re really going to go through with these then I’ll gladly defend him!”

“You’ll regret this. Then it’s settled. I’ll see you in police court today. If you lose then he will have a hearing in the state court and be declared guilty while you on the other hand will surrender your badge to the police. The trial starts at 1400 hours with the chief prosecutor as the judge. You may talk with the defendant and analyze the evidences. I’ll see you then.”

I’ll see you then. Its 10.30, I have at least 3 hour to get my case ready. I better hurry and talk with him. But first I have to analyze the evidences…

“Officer, let me through to the evidence room.”

“Yes sir!”


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