Chapter 2

10.35 a.m., C.A. Evidence Room

So, this is the “decisive” evidence that he’s so proud about… small pieces of duck tape, a roll of duck tape and a crime scene photo… now, let’s piece it all together so that I can get the conclusion just like the detective, why is this three piece incriminatingly points toward the defendant. Looks like the lab boys are hard at work finding clues on those tapes. I guess I’ll study the suspect bio and the crime photo first.

From the bio, my defendant name is “Escro”… what kind of name is that? Is this even usable? Let’s read some more… … … this, this, this is in no way real. It looked like someone just up and created this from scratch to give a bad impression for him. Ugh… there must be something in here that I can use… ah, here! The suspect is believed to be homeless starting 8 months ago and have been staying at the crime scene. I guess the crime scene is this photo here.

Hmm, a dark place. Looks like an abandoned house… if the suspect data is correct then he really is staying inside this house. The roll of duck tape is found away from the suspect but there are pieces of duck tape near the suspect. But there’s no victim in this picture… how can they relate this to the mysterious disappearing when there’s obviously nothing relating the two… they can’t just capture a bystander and accuse him of guilt. There must be something connecting the two… ah! Maybe it got something to do with the crime scene that the detective visited before he arrived to the place in this picture. If that is true then there’s “two” crime scenes! I need to get hold of the info from the first crime scene.

“Excuse me? But do you have any information regarding the crime scene that detective Sears went this morning.”

“The crime scene? Aren’t that the one you’re holding there?”

“No, not this one but the crime scene that detective Sears went before this.”

“Ah, you must mean the crime scene where they found the victim body; well you can find all the evidence regarding that right over there.”

“Okay, thanks.”

Looks like there is more evidences than just those three. I wonder what I will find there… hmm? A lady working in the forensics… oh, she must be the famed Miss Ein. I wonder if she’s still processing the evidence.

“Umm, excuse me? Are you done checking these evident here?”

“Oh, not yet. Please don’t touch them bare-handed. You want to touch ‘em then wear some glove round your wrist. Don’t want to contaminate the evidences now.”

“Oh right, glove-glove. So about this crime scene, do you have any info on it?”

“Well, I think this picture will give you some ideas.”

“Ah, this place, it’s near detective Sears house!”

“That’s right. That’s why detective Sears didn’t get to the precinct first. It’s because he is already trying to capture the suspect. From the looks of it, the suspect did a miserable job of trying to conceal his evidences with what just dumping it near the detective house and all.”

“You mean the evidences are just dropped in front of the detective house like that? Ugh… it’s really hard to believe… anyway, what is this weird looking and weird textured material here?”

“Oh, that’s the sack that the suspect allegedly used to trap and constrained his victim with while killing them from the outside. From the cuts that are visible, it looks like the suspect used a blunt object to do his bidding. The weird textures are a result of the blood that accumulated on it.”

“Ah! Did you already identify the owner of the blood?”

“Yes, well… I’m not sure… I only did simple tests but the data collected seems to indentify that the blood matches with detective Sears blood. Not only that, the whole sack is soaked with the same type of blood but there’s no way Detective Sears blood can be on the sack with that amount and still looks healthy…”

“I find that bit of information fairly weird myself. But, if the test results are true then there’s no denying that it is indeed detective Sears blood signature there. So, are there any other evident here?”

“Well, there’s one more piece of evidence. It’s this baseball bat which is believed to be the murder weapon. The blood splotches on it matches with the one on the sack.”

“How about the fingerprints on it? Does it match the suspect?”

“I’m afraid the suspect fingerprint is not found on the baseball bat. There’s a little fingerprint signature on it but none of it matches with anyone in our records. I guess the fingerprint might get wiped off when the suspect used it.”

“So we can conclude that the bat is either a stolen bat or the fingerprint is too worn-out to get result with. Hmm… I guess that’s all I can get from these evidences. Oh, do you have the test results on the tapes found at the second crime scene?”

“Yes, we have results on it. Here are the results, there you go.”

“Thank you Miss Ein.”

From the results, the prints on the tape pieces matches with the suspect’s prints but the more weird stuff is the fact that there’s no prints whatsoever on the duck tape roll. Now that is mighty weird. There’s only one way a person can use a roll of tape without living a single print there. And that may as well be one of the key here plus the evidences at the first crime scene. I guess I’m finished with the evidences, now for my one on one chat with the defendant.

11.55 a.m., C.A. Interrogation Room (outside)

In front of the room, I can see some people inside but I can’t really identify who’s who. But from the looks of it, they are certainly intense in questioning the suspect. I hope they aren’t going to fill the suspect’s head with nonsense and I certainly hope that he will give cooperation to me. But it’s 11.55 now; if I can’t talk to him now then I can’t have him answer all the questions that I have. At 1 they will held him in contempt so that no one can badger him before court. I’ll talk with that officer there.

“What’s the hold up? It’s almost 12, aren’t they finish yet?”

“Oh, I’m sorry sir. I’m afraid that you have to wait for some moments.”

“Okay, fine.”

I sat on a chair nearby. This is certainly nerve-racking; having to go into court to defend a suspect from a case that the police are desperate to close. I guess they will try to do everything they can to prove me wrong and convict him of all charges… but I’ve got to stay strong, I’ve got to believe in myself and my decision. But with decisive evidence, one cannot really rely on testimonies to proof him wrong so the suspect testimonies are out of the question. The only way to do this is to proof that the evidences themselves are wrong. I guess that’s the only way around this but to be honest, can I really trust in the legibility of this evidence… what if it has been tampered just so to convict the suspect…

“You think that the evidence is tampered right? You don’t have to hide it; I can see it all at your face. Rest assured; we from the crime lab wouldn’t do anything against the rules such that of tampering evidences just to convict a suspect. We too put our honor and pride on the line to bring the truth to light by processing those evidences.”

“Uh, yes, right. I’m sorry for ever doubting your work on the evidence Miss Ein!”

“Right. Now go out there into the court and reveal the truth for everyone using the evidences we process! Well, later then.”

“Yes, see you later.”

Fuh… I thought she’d kill me there. She is awfully serious in her work so I don’t she will tamper any of her evidences. So with the evidences are void of tampering, I wonder what she meant by revealing the truth with evidences.

“Excuse me, sir. The suspect is ready for your meeting.”

“Oh, right. Thank you very much.”

Great, just great. It’s already 12.25, now I’m really running out of time. Better make this brief.


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