Always the world longed for peace, never did it get them. Humans are never fond of the meaning of “peace” but peace is one of the most uttered words. Be it by people who truly believed on the meaning of that word or militaries that used it as an object of propaganda.

Peace… How can one truly achieved it? Death? Struggles? Or just plain ignorance? Ignorance is bliss so that may indeed be peace. I may not have the time to truly unravel this mystery as my time is nearing its end but one thing is clear through my research, aggression is one of the biggest driving forces of a human so, just maybe, “peace” is really the cover up for one’s evil…

But with evil, there’s an opposite side of it, justice. If the world finds total justice then can peace be achieved? But justice really is as the saying goes, really is one side of the coin with evil at the other side. One small mishap on the meaning of justice, one will be lead astray to the other side of the coin and ultimately lost the sense of what is real justice…

And as my time is dwindling down, this last record of my remnant life will forever preserved as I failed in answering the biggest question in my life… “What is the purpose of my existence in this world?”

Signed for authentication

Professor Crose

“Tonight at 7@news, Professor Crose of the Human Psyche Research Institute has been identified as missing from the complex of his house from the 26th. The police are currently questioning all present personnel at the complex. Not a single piece of evidence has been found in the complex. It has been testified from the first lady of the house that the 47 year old professor has been in terrible health condition and in no shape of going out of the house. The police have classified this case as…”

Another night, another news of people disappearing, what’s happening to this town? It’s already 14 disappearances in a 3 weeks period. Is the state of the town right now getting too unpleasant for them that they just up and left? Well, it is getting a little unpleasant with the increasing case of gang cases but none of that are related with any kidnapping; no kidnapping happened for that matter then what are they scared of? Huh… this is just great, just 8 months in and already I’m feeling insecure… sigh…

“Another day, another disappearance. This town is either crazy or just weird. All of them must hate this town so much that they disappear without a trace. If not for your job then I would love to stay at our old place. At least the neighbor next door just doesn’t up and disappear the week after we moved in. Ugh…!”

“Calm down, you’ll spill the soup off. Well, you can’t help it that they moved without notice like that. They must have a very good reason to do so. Just chill, ‘kay?”

That irritated sounding lady just now is my wife, Nori. Well, she sure has a good case for being irritated like that, our neighbor next door, the Hartons, just suddenly disappear one day so the police has been since then occupied it for investigations. She’s just ticked off that the police occupied that house for so long that no one can move in. But the police have ended their investigations a month ago so a new neighbor might move in.

“Ugh, yeah-yeah! They just up and leave this stinking town. If not for your high-paying job, we are already in another town.”

“Okay, okay. Settle down, don’t get too excited now. Well, our new neighbor might just move in tomorrow you know so you don’t want them getting the wrong impression with that big frown of yours, hehehe.”

“Yeah right, very funny… Hehe. Well you might just be right about this. Let’s hope our new neighbor just drop in tomorrow like you said. Hahaha…”

I grinned back at her. Well, I’m very happy seeing her laugh like that, looks like things will be alright with a new neighbor. Truth be told, I do not feel good with all these disappearance, with the police dept all running in circles because of this case. But tomorrow might just be a better day than today in all hopefulness…

My name is Rick. 27 years old and married. Currently working as an assistant to a detective at Raishine City Criminal Affairs. With all these stuff about people disappearing into thin air, it really has shaken up the C.A. office and I’m being called in to help in investigation from another city 8 months ago. In this document from hereafter is a detailed recollection of the events from the morning of the 28th of August till the 31st August.


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