End of the Mega Games

Finally, after breaking my hands and fingers while pushing the limit of my hand-eye coordination; I have beaten Mega Man 1-7, Rock Man 1-7 and Mega Man X1-X3. Wow, that’s a lot of Mega games being covered in 3 weeks time; the game is short to begin with but it’s just delightfully fun. The X series is much more challenging, innovative and inspiring; rather than focusing on random death traps like those in the original Mega game, it instead focuses on cleverly put death traps and precise wall jumping (precise disappearing block jumping in the original) to make out of tough spot and not die. And it sure as hell is less of an annoyance compared to the Guts Man and Ice Man stage in Mega 1… I still have nightmares jumping the platform in the Ice Man stage. All in all, it’s great but much like the original series, it’s start getting stale after the second game but (warning: excessively long sarcastic comment) if everyone can enjoy and love the wonderfully mindless violent game that takes people from China’s ancient history and give them super power while churning games with the same exact thing in each game just so to extract more money from their consumer (sarcasm end) then why can’t there be love for Mega Man?
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Some Random Stuff

This really is some random stuff to commemorate the first comment in this blog… All Hail Ultima’s Majestic Presence! (sarcasm). I’m putting some random music video of the music that I like so, enjoy… Especially the last one; ultima, that’s for you… (grins…)
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Another Mega post!

Some days ago, as I was playing Mega 6 a friend of mine known as “ultima” untimely ym-ed me and almost killing Mega in the process. That was close and I might have been pissed if I actually died but I didn’t so it’s cool. He gave me a link to a youtube video and I was split to watch it or just ignore it and continue playing Mega 6… I decided to watch the video and hold off playing for a while. I waited and then I see Mega 2 on the screen then I heard a familiar tune and then it started singing. I hear it, looked at some info on the info box and what do you know; it’s a song based of the bgm from Dr. Wily Castle in Mega 2; aptly named “Okkusenman!” based of the bgm name and it blew my mind. I loved it. I shared it with my roommates and they love it too. One of me roomie even loop the song infinitely always, each and every passing seconds and I too loop the same song so it’s really overkill. Never have we ever play the same thing at the same time ever so that really tell the whole story.

This is the original song with English subs and a flash animation based of the song.

The meaning behind the song really taken me aback and makes me remember my childhood especially the Ultraman part and the part where you play cartridge NES games. Ah, the time of simple TV and gaming enjoyment…
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Some stuff my friend want me to do ^^

1. What’s my feelings now
Confused and tired cause haven’t sleep since yesterday and been playing Mega games since this evening.

2. I want to eat
The damn chicken chop that my friend tapau for me but I need to finish Mega 6 first

3. I hate

4. My dream
Having a small company of game publisher but recognized by the world and to make at least 1 Mega game

5. I hope
To get a girlfriend and experience a heart-break soon

6. If I can go back to the past
I want to fly

7. Me 10 years in the future
Will be a world renowned game maker and have a wife

8. My HP is
Broken up into 3 important pieces

9. I have been in a love affair for
0, ZERO, nilch, nada, nu’uh, kosong, emptiness…..

10. I like
My family, friend and then the most important thing right now is my lover, my computer

11. My friends are
Crazily stupid and two of them even have debts to me >:) 50% interest rate!!!!!

12. Have been betrayed by
Never felt that I have been betrayed

14. What do you do to the one that betrayed you
Well, if it does happen then I’ll just jump a cliff and die or I can push them down the cliff instead

15. My top 8 people to tag
My mom, my dad, my bro, my sis, my friends, my roommates, myself, my lovely computer

Secret of Mega Metroid!!!

You read the title, what will make you think? Of course the first thing is either Mega Man as in ‘Mega’ or Metroid as the title plainly says ‘Metroid’ on it! Either way, you’re right. This post has something to do with Mega Man and Metroid and another game. What you may ask? Here’s a hint, that game name has ‘Secret of’ in it. If you still can’t figure it out then just keep on reading. You will know then.

I’ll start off with the Mega Man games as it’s fairly easy to write them up. I have beaten Mega 4 when I was at home during the holiday and just beaten Mega 5 some hours ago. It really does felt good beating them but well, it’s definitely harder than the earlier ones especially Mega 4. Man, that game was really hard, I was stunned by it hardness and it’s all mainly due to the controls. Yeah, it’s all basic Megaman fare but it just felt stiff. Doing a jump+turn+shoot is harder on it than other Mega games except for 3. Mega 3 is much stiffer than Mega 4 and doing a jump+turn+shoot is nigh to impossible but Mega 3 is easier than Mega 4 so I don’t mind much. The controls does feel better in Mega 4 but the Mega 1 and 2 controls are the best because it’s just felt really accurate using it. To add to the hardness of the game, the final Dr. Wily form is as frustrating as hell. The room is dark, Wily in there somewhere and he only come out for 2-3 seconds each and in that time I had to fire a shot while all the time avoiding his attacks. As, easy as that sounds, it doesn’t unfortunately. His appearance pattern is none and he almost always comes out at the spot where hitting him is impossible. To make matter worse, when fighting the damn thing, only two weapons can damage him; the Pharaoh Shot and the Ring Boomerang. All other weapons including the primary Mega buster are void of use. Talk about a case of denial! Even the main primary weapon is obsolete!
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Retro Megaman Ahoy! plus “Modern-retro” Megaman?

Mega… Mega… Megaman! (a.k.a. Rockman).
Old school Mega game just kick ass. From the unbelievable sounds to the awesome and challenging gameplay in a simple side scrolling platforming shooting game, what more can you ask? (SMB3!!) It’s just classic but it never occurred to me to play them before, why is that? Simple, I’m more of a sucker to the X series because Mega in there can climb walls damn it! The wanting for nostalgia is all caused by an episode of Screw Attack top 10 – best video games theme ever, check it out:

That theme from Mega 2 made me want to play the entire Mega series starting from the original Megaman till the number 8 in the series after that going through more side scrolling platforming frustration Megaman X til X3. Why just X3? Because X4 I’ve practically mastered it and X5-X8 just doesn’t do it for me as in the damn platforming section is too long and just dragging it longer, meh! Speaking of which, I’ve beaten both Megaman and Megaman X but only their remake in the PSP; Megaman Powered Up and Megaman: Maverick Hunter X. Simply speaking, I don’t have to play those two again but maybe I’ll still play Mega X just for the different scenes that’s not in the remake.
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Night of Destiny

Here we go!

That quote up there is a famous quote from the announcer of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) and in there, everyone is a champion. But I’m not talking about UFC right now but the WWE. Yup, welcome to the world of sports drama where the hurt are awfully real at times but the drama aspect overshadow the WWE completely in what could have been a ruthlessly great entertainment much like the UFC but become the much fake entertainment gimmicky stuffs you see today. Let’s look back into last night’s Night of Champions which is a Pay-Per-View event where all of the titles in the WWE are up at stake. Here I’ll only list the championship titles from RAW as doing all of them will be too long and my thoughts on it (no women’s & diva’s champ for those perverted young minds). Oh, I’ll skip all the drama behind all of this because it’s just damn long and I’ll consider everyone reading this at least have a decent understanding of WWE.
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